Sunday, 26 April 2009

Ivybridge to Plymouth

Day 5: Saturday 25th - from Ivybridge to Plymouth, 20 km.
I missed all the rain, although it was very wet at times. In Plympton I actually had my poncho in my hand when I unexpectedly met an old friend. He insisted I went for a coffee with him and his wife. Their church is thinking about a Pilgrimage in 2011. It was good to meet them again, and also to miss the torrential rain.
After refreshment and as the rain had stopped I walked to Marsh Mills roundabout, on the outskirts of Plymouth, and stopped for lunch in Sainsbury's café. The next heavy rain came while I was in there (having fish and chips). Then on to Devonport and my overnight stop. As my host was out until early evening I went into the local Pizza shop for 2 hours! I am very grateful that they let me stay so long, although I did eat one of their 10" pizzas during that time. Helped to make up the 900 calories I had walked off and kept me out of the final downpour.
So a dry day walking in spite of the weather. Thank you Lord.
Now I am praying for a calm crossing tomorrow.

The large butterfly, nearly as big as my hand, seen near Buckfast yesterday.

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