Saturday, 27 June 2009

Photos: Villaviciosa to Pola de Siero

At Capilla San Blas the Way divides, one part goes to Gijón, the other turns left through Valdediós. The shell signs on the marker stone (on roadside at left) face the chapel.

The maize store, on staddles to keep the rats away, has not been built under,unlike the store further on.

The largest Asturian medieval monastery, with the Abbey Church of Santa María is at Valdediós. It has been carefully restored.
Also in the monastery grounds is the church of San Salvador de Valdediós, consecrated in 893AD.

The walk from Valdediós was the first real test of my leg muscles uphill since I left Exeter and walked over Haldon (249mts). The Way rises 400mts in 3km, winding up the hillside. From the top there is a view down the 'Hidden Valley' to the monastery and the mist had gradually cleared to allow a photo back.

The brass scallop shells set in the paving slabs mark the Way in Pola de Siero and also in Oviedo

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