Saturday, 6 June 2009

Safe home

Having taken 5 weeks to walk to Santiago I have had 5 days holiday, with Valerie, before catching the ferry home from Santander. I will be putting some thoughts and more photos on the blog in the days ahead. Meanwhile thank you for your support.

The identity of the footprint was solved by a local in Ria de Abres. We had stopped for lunch on our way home through the mountains and asked the owners of the Mesón O Fornacho if they could identify it. The patrón went for his friend from down the road and he said it is a Porcupine. Once you know you can actually see its 'tail trail' running parallel to the stick on the right, and just touching the tip.
The Camino del Norte crosses the road by the Mesón O Fornacho at Ria de Abres; a good place for pilgrims to eat!

Saturday 30th May


Terry and Valerie outside the Cathedral on 30th May. We met up at the Hotel Santa Lucia, just outside Santiago. We had Saturday afternoon to look round together, with the friend who had accompanied Valerie on her journey out. Then on Sunday we were all able to go to the Pilgrims' Mass together for Pentecost Sunday. Wonderful! Full procession with the Saint, also the Botofumeiro was swung at the start of the service, which was led by the Bishop.

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