Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bodenaya to Tineo

700 metres above sea level:
12.30: Terry has booked into the albergue in Tineo. It is very big, clean and tidy.
This morning was fine, but clouds were building up after lunch. Nearly all the way today was on tracks. There was some mud and water but nothing above the laces level on his boots.
He has walked alone, but 4 other pilgrims have come into the albergue this afternoon. Salad and pizza for lunch and a tin of peaches, bread and chorizo tonight.
His e-mail said "Tineo is good, so different to Salas!" Terry says he would walk from Grado to Cornellana, then Bodenaya and miss Salas if he came this way again (he obviously was not keen on the place!).

The Camino into Tineo

View from the Camino towards the mountains

Between Tineo and Lugo it might be difficult to update daily, apart from estimating where Terry should be. It will depend on the availability of phone signals and the internet.

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