Wednesday, 6 May 2009

La Isla to Villaviciosa

I arrived in Villaviciosa at 15.30 and am staying in the hostel here.
Omelette sandwich for lunch and coca cola. That will keep me going until supper time.
Today was hot again, and very humid when it was cloudy. It was cloudy in the morning and clear in the afternoon, as it has been on other days.
The cows, near La Llera, were part of the biggest milk herd I've seen, 60 or so. They were cutting grass with a motor scythe and picking it up with tractor. Very modern. Most 'farms' seem to be part time. Some are still cutting grass by hand and talking it in to the cow with horse and cart.

Cows near La Llera

Last view of the estuary before turning inland to Villaviciosa

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