Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tineo to Campiello

11.50: Terry has reached Campiello, just before Borres, he is now 900 metres above sea level. He has decided to stay here in a Casa Rural (25eu for bed and a meal and very pilgrim friendly), rather than have to carry food on up to the albergue. The bar/shop is all part of the Casa.
It has been raining this morning, but he was able to take shelter so has not needed his cape. It was very wet for a few minutes.
13.30: He has gone into the bar/shop for his lunch. The sign in the shop says 'open 25 hours' !! He says it is like 'Open all Hours' - literally. They sell everything, all in together; dried cod, soap flakes, fruit,cheese etc. Herminia, the owner was happy for Terry to take the photo below.
After soup, steak and chips, bread yoghurt and a glass of wine he thought a siesta woould be good.
He had some supper there too and has spent the evening talking to the locals.
Tomorrow he is expecting to walk to Pola de Aliende and his hostess has said that she will give him breakfast before he leaves. She says he should not go before 9.00 as it may be cloudy/misty, and anyway he will arrive there by mid-day, so why hurry?! He is enjoying the mountains and does not want to hurry, and also local advice is always worth folowing, and he says he is 'listening to the Camino'.

Doña Herminia, owner of the shop and the Casa Rural, Campiello

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