Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Grandas de Salime to A Fonsagrada

15.30 Terry is in Fonsegrada staying at the Hospedaje Cantabrico (20eu with bathroom).
There were many roadworks again, as earlier on the walk..
Keeping his priorities right he booked supper for 20.30, then went for a shower and a rest.
"I walked with my shirt sleeves down today because the sun was so hot - enough breeze to be comfortable.
Frogs!!! dozens of them making such a din! I wondered what the noise was and then saw the pond!
Old Fonsagrada would have been a hilltop fortified town. Nothing left to see but the fact that the ground falls away all round.
There are a number of road works between the border pass (Asturias /Galicia) and Fonsagrada, so much so that at one point I had to walk round the hot tarmac which they were spreading across the "Camino". I didn't want to burn my boots. When they have finished the camino will run alongside the road as shown in the 'Fonsegrada' photo. It is even railed off so that you can't fall over the edge. It doesn't have the feel of the old track which goes over fields and moorland.
The old Camino kept to the high ground because the valleys were full of trees and bandits! It does mean that to cross streams etc. there is a steep drop down and then an equally steep pull back up the other side!"

In Fonsegrada the internet is all new equipment - about 20 sets!! Paid for by EU.

The Way passes along the side of the new road

The view is looking back from Fonsegrada.

There were dozens of frogs in a pond by the Camino.

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