Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lugo to Ferreira

14.00: Terry is at the Casa da Ponti in Ferreira, also known as Mosteira, where he was met at the door.
Relatively easy walking today as there were no mountains! It was raining for the last 2km, but Terry had oiled his boots again yesterday so they were fine, and his cape is now drying in the shed.
He left Lugo over the Roman bridge and walked here on the Roman road, Via Romana Lucus Iria Flavia, now a forest track
Only 23km, still on the Roman road, to Melide where the Camino Primitivo joins the Camino Francés.

The paw print was interesting -someone may know what it is - great
dane or similar??? It was too big for a wolf and not round enough for a bear.
I saw it on the Roman road. Glad I didn´t meet it whatever it was.
(Identified - see post 'Safe home' June 6th.)

Roman Milestone replica,
the real one is in a museum
at San Roman de Retorta.

Granite buildings, just like dartmoor

The cooperative sign was on side of barn.

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