Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Fonsagrada to Cádabo

16.00: Terry has arrived in Cádabo and booked into the hotel - supper in the bar.


Fonsegrada town name plaque

View from the hostal in Fonsagrada

The old ruined hospital at Montouto was the pilgrim refuge, dating from the 1380s until the 1700s. It was built by Pedro 1 (Pedro the Cruel). The dolmen was nearby.

The path today was hard walking, especially for 6kms between A Lastra and Cádabo, as it was washed away in places; all big stones and water! Terry needed his pilgrim's staff for support as it was very slippery.

Not only that but just outside Cádabo, there were beehives on one side of the track and a swarm on the other. Terry crept past and then took the photo looking back! He says, "What other perils are there?"

He had a bar lunch (very salt cheese, ham and bread) with three French pilgrims he had met previously in Grandas, and another good supper tonight (soup, steak and chips and caramel flan). He says he needs to eat well as he doesn't have any spare weight to lose.
Lugo tomorrow, all being well. Terry is planning a long stop there as he wants to see the Roman walls as well as have a rest, so will stay 3 nights in Lugo itself before moving on to Mosteira on Sunday.

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