Saturday, 9 May 2009


Terry has had a good rest. This morning he had a good lie in, and then has only pottered about, giving his feet a rest and his clothes a good wash. A 10" pizza for lunch; bread and goat's cheese for supper, to be followed by an early night.
Terry is enjoying talking to the locals in the various places he has passed through. The farmers with their cows; the people in the varous shops and cafés as well as the hospitaleros etc. Apparently Spanish milk cows like to listen to Radio 2!
He has also heard as he has walked of the problems facing tourism. Here in the province of Asturias tourism is 60% down on last year and some places have closed down. Along the Camino it is better, but there are few peregrinos (pilgrims). It is not only the farmers who need our prayers.

The Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo

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