Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Arzua to Pedrouzo-Arca: - & Melide to Arzua

14:00 Terry is in Pedrouzo-Arca. He is staying in a pension which he booked by phone last night.

He has about 20 km left to Compestella!

The Camino Frances leaving Arzua Wednesday morning. It is like getting
onto the motorway after driving for miles and miles across Dartmoor!
Suddenly the "Way" is wide, well marked and full of people. Completely
different with folk to walk with and talk to if you want.

Lunchtime Wednesday - there are now people around who are happy to take a photo! Began with a cheese omlette, then chicken and chips. This was in a wayside bar-cafe with another 6 kilometres to my lodging.

Not an instrument of torture but an old Spanish hay-cart.

Tuesday 26th May

Melide to Arzua

13.00 Arrived in Arzua and staying in the Pension Teodora. A fine sunny day.

Sileage clamps near Arzua. The vegetables appear to be growing on the run off!

Please continue to pray for all farmers and for Farm Crisis Network. (Now Farm community Network)
You can read more about FCN here.
If you would like to donate to FCN's work you can so here.

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