Thursday, 28 May 2009

Santiago De Compostela

Terry arrived in Santiago today at 11:00 after doing the last 18 kilometres! Here are the photos:

The city boundary sign meant there was only two miles or so to go - the
boring part. The outskirts of one city are just like all others. Different
when you get into the old part though.

A kind American family took this for me. I had literally just arrived -
nearly in tears after more than 5 weeks "in the Way".

My Compostela - Given by the Cathedral authorities to those who have
made their pilgrimage "for spiritual reasons". "Tourists" get a
certificate to show that they have done it.

More details of Santiago to follow...

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  1. Congrats Terry - great to see you standing there and to hear that you have arrived. Have enjoyed following your progress. Margaret