Friday, 1 May 2009

San Vicente to Colombres

Friday 1st May: (Today is Bank Holiday in Spain)
15.05: Stopping in Colombres for the night, as planned. Bed booked in the albergue.
There was heavy rain last night so Terry is busy cleaning mud off his boots.
(The four pilgrims who arrived at San Vicente at about 19.00 yesterday evening had water running out of their hair! However they were soon dried out and then they and Terry had their meal with the hospitaleros)
Although damp this morning it was warm and dry this afternoon. There had been tractors churning up the path in places, making it very muddy. (Sounded a bit like some of our 'green lanes' when 4x4s have been down them!)
Tonight by 19.00 he had dried his boots out well and hung his clothes to dry too. He is going to'eat out' at a local restaurant. Two cyclists have joined him in the albergue tonight. There are just the 3 of them in a very big place.
Terry hopes to get to Llanes tomorrow, and for the first time is trying to book ahead for a bed because of the Bank Holiday.
He has had one small blister, on his toe, at the begining of the week. It is drying up well and hasn't caused him any real bother.

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  1. Love the mud. I think everyone who walks in April-May, when the tractors have been active along the farm lanes, knows about that mud. Your boots will never be the same!