Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Salas to Bodenaya

Terry has stopped at Bodenaya, on the way to La Espina. He saw the albergue and the owner was on the road. They got talking and Terry decided to stay for the night as he liked the look of it. He says the albergue is lovely, all new and also 'donativo' only.
By 13.30 he had his washing done and hung out. The internet café did not have broadband, so he will look again tomorrow in Tineo. He should be there in good time as it is only about 12km.
After a fine morning the afternoon turned damp, so he took his washing inside. By supper time it was pouring with rain and his washing was in the drier!
19.00: The fire was lit and Terry was sitting in front of it with a glass of Vino Tinto.
20.15: Had supper, fideos and ensalada, which the hospitalero cooked. He will also get breakfast here before setting off again. his comment "I wish all albergues were like this" Certainly worth a visit and a good donation.

The 'jovenes' (young people) take 10 days from here to Santiago (253km), Terry plans to take 18, stopping in all the albergues he can find on the way to Lugo - 10 or 11 days walking. There is no snow now and none is expected so he will be going through/over the mountains.

Leaving Bodenaya

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