Friday, 8 May 2009

Pola de Siero to Oviedo

13.10: Terry has reached Oviedo and has been to visit the cathedral of El Salvador and the earlier church, the Cámara Santa.
He plans a rest day tomorrow and to walk on again on Sunday. He has walked the section this week (from Llanes) quicker than he expected, but will keep his 'spare' day 'in hand' in case he needs to take longer further along the Way.
A decision on the Lugo or coast option will have to be made early next week, but he still hopes that the weather forecasts and snow line will permit him to go via Lugo. It was damp but warm this morning, fine this afternoon.
Terry says (as he did in an earlier post) "I would appreciate your prayers for determination and safety on The Way. Please pray also for farmers and for the work of Farm Crisis Network (FCN)."
You might wish to make a donation to FCN. If you can, please give on-line at :-

Just Giving FCN. Thank you.
You can read more about FCN (Farm Community Network) at :-

Leaving Pola de Siero
The way markings are set in the pavement.

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