Monday, 4 May 2009

Llanes to Nueva (near Llames)

No, it is not a spelling mistake!
Llames is on the coast, near Nueva which is 17km from Llanes. There is no food near the hostel, which is 1.5km further on, but here in Nueva there is a restaurant on the corner nearby, although it doesn't open until 20.30 tonight.
Terry set out at 9.15 wearing poncho and trousers and arrived at Nueva at 13.30. Near Barro he spoke to two very friendly farmers who were TB testing their cows (similar to Jerseys with long horns). Here they blame deer for the spread of the disease. They moved 5 cows off the road to let Terry through.
Part of the track along the cliff tops has collapsed into the sea. The route in one place now goes down onto the beach for several yards, then back up some steps. (OK if the tide is out!!) Along the road some cars and lorries give a cheerful toot as they pass. Encouraging - 'be kind to Pilgrims' .
Bread and cheese from the shop for lunch, and the lady in the shop gave Terry directions to a bed for tonight. Up an outside staircase to the 'front door' and then he was shown up to a very nice attic room, one of 5 with a shared bathroom. By 14.50 he had booked a bed for the night.
After the hectic week-end everything is shut today! he got a snack when the shop re-opened at 17.30 and then had a wander round to check out the start of the route for tomorrow. Supper will be at about 21.00 tonight.
He hopes to get past Ribadesella (8km) tomorrow and on to Leces (another 8km).

The 'shell' window at San Pedro de Prial, near Nueva
You can see the shell carved at the top of the arch

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  1. Hi Terry,
    I am following you on your pilgrimage - just imagine feeling the souls of pilgrims past through the soles of your feet, and all us modern pilgrims through cyber space!!
    Buen camino peregrino,