Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cádabo to Lugo

31 km
16.00: Terry has walked past Castroverde and is now in the Hotel España, Lugo. The Roman walls are wonderful. The only complete Roman walls in Europe! He is so pleased to have arrived here 'early' and will stay until Sunday. Plenty of time for a rest and to look round.

He feels so sorry for 3 pilgrims who injured themselves yesterday on the bad section of track - twisted ankles and knees. He saw them this morning catching a bus as they had to be in Santiago on Sunday. Terry said he himself was walking like a little old man, depending on the support of his pilgrim's staff to avoid slipping backwards down the hill. (Its length is also useful going downhill as it reaches forward to give support.)

Walking westward.
A shadow of myself! Early morning with the sun at my back near Castroverde.

The tower is the old keep in Castroverde. The Camino goes round the back of town. Pilgrims were keeping out of the way of the 'gentry' in the castle which was also the site of the district gaol- all the more reason for keeping your head down!

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