Monday, 18 May 2009

Grandas de Salime

Terry moved into the Hotel La Barra at lunchtime. He says it is cold but dry and his washing is out on the balcony drying. He has also had his boots oiled.
The Casa Cultural is closed, so there is no internet except in the hotel, if you have your own laptop. Also closed on Mondays is the Museum, but Terry had a quick look round yesterday. They have a very good website at (you need to be able to read Spanish) with plenty of photos and a virtual tour.
Yesterday evening he had supper with three Italian pilgrims he had met in the albergue on Saturday night. They have gone on today as they need to be in Santiago this weekend.

Terry had his main meal at lunchtime with a snack for supper, so as to get an early night. Breakfast is promised for 7.45 and he wants to be on the road at 8.00. He will walk to A Fonsegrada, about 28km, as there does not seem to be anywhere to stop before that. Up over 1030mts again tomorrow, then down to 930mts before the next stop at Cádavo. After that it is lowland walking until Melide next week.

The public barbecue at Grandas.
Terry was impressed with the Barbeque and seating
set-up. No doubt they use it for their fiestas - also in Grandas.

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